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We welcome you to the irish parrot and foreign birds website. You can easily become a member of the forum by registering at our website of the club. The meet up of our website is held on every month in the second Wednesday at the workman’s club in little strand street behind the Ormond hotel in Dublin.

The club brings in guest speakers who are well known in their fields of specialization. It includes vet and breeders from across the world and they also include some of the top bird breeders of Ireland. Anyone who has a passion for learning about birds are welcome in the club and you can very easily attend the meeting by becoming the member of the club.

So if you are fond of birds, like to breed them and are eager on learning about the birds then the club is you one stop destination for all these types of activities. So register today and get the best membership plans so that you can easily learn about the birds and even buy and sell them from other members here at our website.

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